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The Nigerian Natural Hair + Beauty Show returns!

We're SO excited: Nigeria’s ultimate Natural Hair Meetup returns this NOVEMBER 19th, 2016, and we promise you a show that’s even bigger and better than last year's!

Growth & length retention...a recap!

One random day last month, it suddenly clicked that it had been 2 years (almost to the day) since my last relatively major chop. I'd noticed growth along the way so decided it would be interesting to do a side by side comparison photo.

The Kinky Apothecary blog is baaaaack!!! (Plus photos and details from The Secret Natural Hair Brunch )

Helloooooooo long lost (well, hopefully not) blog readers!!!

Yes yes, it's been a while - a year and 2 days, to be precise - since my last blog post. Some of you might have wondered what happened to me. I'm still with you. But if you've been following us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, you'd know that!

All the pictures from NNHB2015!

L-R Me, Felicia Leatherwood, Cassie Blackwell, Ijeoma Eboh, Wunmi Akinlagun, Ngozi Opara, Obia Ewah

I'm so grateful for how our first Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show (NNHB2015, for those in the know) went off without a hitch last Saturday!

The Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show: all the details!

So ... have you bought your ticket yet? If not...why not?
It's just under 2 weeks until the biggest event we've EVER organised, and in between being ridiculously busy, we can't help the snippets of excitement we feel!