Kinkspiration! - Bre Scullark

I must admit I am partial to the odd nugget of Car-Crash telly (just one or two shows, of course) with America’s Next Top Model being one of my favourite guilty pleasures.

You could say I had somewhat of an obsession with Cycle 5 contestant Bre’s hair. While most people were engrossed in her fights over a granola bar- admittedly it was an incredibly dull season- I was busy drooling over those shiny ringlets. Well, not literally. That would just be gross.

I was shocked to discover she’s recently gone for the chop but in my opinion it’s taken her from very pretty girl with gorgeous hair, to bombshell! And I have to say the new look is really making me consider reaching for those clippers.

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  1. I always loved her hair as well. And this was way before I ever considered going natural.

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