Kinkspiration! - TY Bello

Fellow Nigerian TY Bello is this week's pick.

The Gospel singer is best known for her gorgeous husky voice, but its her luscious locks that set our hearts aflutter...

Loving her eyebrows too!


  1. hi is Ty Bello's hair really natural? If yes how did she get it to be that full and long. I don't have full hair thats one of the reason i switched to natural. how can i gut my hair to be like hers.

  2. This is the subject of many debates, but I believe she alternates between her natural hair, and natural looking braid attachments. The first picture certainly looks like a hairpiece to me. However we do love the fact that she is confident working the natural vibe, especially in the largely anti-afro environment that Nigeria is.

    I'm sure with proper maintenance, your hair will be longer, thicker and healthier than it has ever been. However the beauty of natural hair is everyone's looks different. Unfortunately this means trying to get yours to look like someone else's can be a bit of a futile attempt- not everyone's hair will be as long or as thick as the next person's. But there are ways to help make it as healthy as it can possibly be. Check out the Kinky Hair 101 post, and keep checking back for tips to prevent breakage and help retain length!

    I keep saying this but I really believe all healthy hair is beautiful- long, short, loosely curled or tightly coiled!

    Hope this helps, and hope to see you at the next workshop!

  3. Her hair reminds me a little of Chaka Khan':

    Maybe she blew it with a hair dryer - or roller setted her hair.

    Re the length: That will come with time, care and patience!

  4. TY Bello's hair IS gorgeous and kinky-styled
    But as per the state of her "own" hair, she has chemically processed hair.
    But, her various innovative styles show and mimic, how fabulous natural hair can look on its own.
    great choice though!
    i loves me some TY!

  5. I have always wondered if this is TY's hair.
    But after seing her countless times with her 'Fro, I had to conclude that its her hair. I have a full,tick hair and I do get the full Afro "puff" like TY's, when I lossen my braids. Loving TY's Afro!!!!

  6. its not her own hair- she uses wigs and other afro attachements to give that full Afro look which is her signature.
    however her her isnt chemically processed