Champagne, Cupcakes & Curltalk is BACK!!!

Following the success of the first Champagne, Cupcakes & Curltalk, we are pleased to announce the next one will take place next Saturday, July 31st!

Are you natural, and find it impossible to get a comb through your hair? Or wonder why it refuses to grow?

Are you sick of the relaxer burn and thinking of going natural?

Or have you tried to go natural- maybe several times- and found it too difficult?

Or even relaxed but just curious about natural hair?

Then Champagne, Cupcakes & Curltalk is the event for you!

There are a lot of common mistakes we make in regards to natural hair: we use the wrong products (mainly stuff we used when we were relaxed) and handle it the wrong way, so our hair rebels and acts wrong. By introducing certain ingredients to our regime, and totally eliminating others, our hair can be a lot more manageable without needing to resort to chemicals. You would be surprised how different your hair could be if you only just started treating it right.

Champagne, Cupcakes & Curltalk will cover topics such as:

- Why your current regime probably isn’t working

- Tips on transitioning to natural hair

- Tips on maintaining natural hair (differences between relaxed and natural hair care)

- Hairstyle tips

- Product advice

- Understanding ingredients

… and much more

There will be products available to buy on the day, as well as product samples

This event will be useful to anyone who is natural, transitioning, thinking of going natural, or has natural kids and is not sure how to look after their hair. Come down and bond with other current, soon-to-be and wannabe naturalistas over Champagne and Cupcakes (and chicken too)

31 July 2010


A White Space
58 Raymond Njoku
off Awolowo Road
SW Ikoyi

Entrance fee N3000

Spaces are limited this time, so anyone planning on coming should RSVP to me at or on the FB wall

Spread the word!

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  1. Would u have this book "PERFECT SHOT" by Debbe Rigaud for sale during the Champagne, Cupcakes & Curltalk? It wud be a great book to buy for new-natural-hair-comers like me......Saw it on the Black Girl With Long Haor blog.....