Kinkspiration! - Tomiko Fraser

Ok, so I'll admit this is just really lazy blogging, but being so in love with both BGLH and Tomiko Fraser, I just had to piggyback off this interview.

The fact that this is the third model who's been featured as our Kinkspiration shows that kinky hair is becoming big business in the fashion and beauty world.

And can you believe this gorgeous lady is 42?


CLICK HERE to read the full BGLH interview!


  1. Yes, I didn't believe it myself. I have always thought she's in her 20's or early 30's. Good for her and the hair looks gorgeous

  2. OMG! Say that's not so! lol
    She's so gorgeous! I want to look like that(or even better! lol)when am her age!
    Very lovely hair too.