Kinkspiration! - YaYa Da Costa

I’ve got my mojo back!

Yes, I know I’ve already faltered in my promise to post more this year, but life really has taken over so much in the past few months (work, the Apothecary and everything in between) that I’ve been lacking in both time and inspiration.

But then this morning in the shower, I suddenly came up with the next few posts, and rushed to write them down so I don’t forget.

I need to take some pictures, so while I’m sorting that out, here’s some Kinkspiration to tide you over!

The second ANTM alum to make it into the Kinkspiration archives, YaYa Da Costa was someone I loved to, well… not like so much (I was definitely Team Eva!). But she has since grown on me.

One thing that I cannot deny, though, is that I have always loved her hair! I loved how she rocked up unapologetically to a modeling competition in her kinky twists at a time that natural hair was still not so prevalent (I was also natural then, and my hair obsession had already begun).

From twists to braids to twistouts to a full-on ‘fro, YaYa’s done it all… and years later, she’s still keeping it real.


  1. Always been a Yaya Da Costa fan!!!!
    Noticed her first in the "Take the Lead" movie.
    Then I saw her in America's Next Top Model Cycle 3 and fell in love with her (Thou Eva was cool). So loving Yaya's kinky hair!!!!

  2. Yaya's hair is AMAZING!!!
    I don't no why her (and her mane) don't get more recognition