YaYa Da Costa/Esperanza Spalding reprise

Happy Sunday, peeps!

I came across this Raphael Saadiq video yesterday, and despite the fact that it is quite disturbing in parts, the only thing I could pay attention to when I first watched it was YaYa's hair (which looks like a rollerset to me):

I love the shape. I'm getting a hair cut next week (more on that later), and I think that's what I'm going to go for.

Also a quick shout out to another member of the Kinkspiration Hall of Fame, Esperanza for her Grammy win last week. I've made no secret of the fact that I'm a huge fan, so was really pleased she won, but of course it was her updo that caught my attention:

I'll be trawling youtube later in the week for tutorials on how to copy her style.

Have a great week...


  1. Where are you located? I would like to visit your shop.

  2. Oh my my... what a creepy video! I love the song though and this was my first time seeing the music video to it, so thanks for posting. Yaya's hair looks like a twistout to me, but in one scene looked like it was set on small rollers.

    Thanks for supporting our website!

  3. Ok Nibi I could barely concentrate on Yaya's hair after seeing the self induced harm bit, lol, it was an....interesting video. I love her hair though and yours too, I think you guys look totally amazeballs.

    Not so sure about the shaving of the back though, seems like a huge risk to take. You should try pinning it back for a while and seeing how that pans out before you do the big chop.

    Adaku xxx

  4. Coulda sworn I commented earlier, do you have to approve it first or something?

  5. @ Anon, we don't have a physical store yet. You can make orders by emailing us at kinky.apothecary@gmail.com for the stock list.

    @ Coily Q and Adaku, Lol!!! Well I DID warn it was slightly disturbing!

    Thanks for the hair compliment Adaku. I'm still not sure if pinning would have the same effect. Anyway, I'm going to braid for a few weeks and maybe then I'll be less scissor-happy. Off to have a look at your blog now.

  6. Wish I'd found your blog earlier. Moved back to Lagos 4 years ago and though I've been natural almost 12 years, I had to totally re-learn how to take care of my hair in this very different and high-maintenance climate. Did a BC a month ago and I'm happy because it's healthy again. Happy for all the resources I've found--thank you, interwebs :-)--and I can now add this blog to that list.

    Good blog! Keep up the good work!