The braids are OUT!!!!

Woo! I honestly can't remember the last time I was so relieved to see the back of something. Two whole months of not being able to play with my hair has taken a lot of self-restraint, and discovering a crop of new youtubers has been akin to torture!

I feel like I lost an entire week to the braids, as of course I insisted on taking them out myself. I didn't start until Sunday evening, which meant that I didn't get very far and so spent the rest of the week trying to find 2 hours here and there to make as much progress as I could, and finding creative ways of pinning my hair to hide the half-braid half-fro status.

But they are gone now! And it will be a LONG time before I braid my hair again: just because of how much I missed my 'fro, and the sheer tedium of taking them down (remind me of this in about 3 months when I start whining about being too busy to do my hair and wanting to braid).

The good news is that there was minimal breakage, and I retained quite a bit of length (although I desperately need a trim). I'll post in detail about how I managed to take them down with hardly any damage to my hair, and what I did afterwards to revive my tresses. But first I'll be putting up the next installment in the "Kinky Hair 101" series tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!  

Natural Hair Calendars

Hi all,

We're well into February now, and if you're anything like me you have already broken all your new year's resolutions.

At least you can stay on track of your hair progress with Natural Hair Calendars from The Natural Hair Love Affair. Featured in Essence Magazine's list of must-have natural hair gifts last Christmas, the calendars were created by the lovely Ayo (yes, she's Nigerian too) when she realised that most naturals would benefit from a planning tool to help record their natural hair journeys, and keep all their resources in the same place.

We have been in talks with The Natural Hair Love Affair for over a year now, and they will soon be gracing these shores via The Kinky Apothecary's shelves.

In the meantime however, you can download your monthly printable here, helping you to focus on one hair goal every month.

Happy tracking!

Check out the updated "Shop The Apothecary" tab!

Hi all,

I've obviously gone into a bit of a blogging frenzy unheard of for me, but this is just a quick announcement to say we've now updated the "Shop The Apothecary" tab (above) to include the stock list.

Also we now have a wider variety of products, including native coconut oil (for those who aren't fond of the fractionated version because they prefer the coconut smell) and pure unrefined cocoa butter from Ghana, and shea butter sourced from both Ghana and Mali!

Our stock list keeps growing, so make sure you keep checking back. The product list on the page will be updated immediately whenever we get anything new in!

Also look out next week for the announcement of the latest line we are going to be carrying.

Have a great one, peeps.