30 days, 30 ways... Day 1

It's a new month, everybody!

August is always an exciting one for me: holidays, weddings, the "August Break" in the rainy season, and my birthday! Here's to a great month ahead.

So to kick things off with the style challenge, I'm easing in slooooowly. Very slowly!

I just washed my hair, so this is how I pinned up my twists this time

I think I now have a handle on making my wash day twists look like they were meant to be a style, and after this challenge I will probably revert to wearing these for days at a time without feeling any shame.

Something more exciting tomorrow. Have a good day!


  1. I'm envious!!!
    Beautiful hair!!!
    I "went natural" in June 2010 here in Nigeria but have been unable to do anything with it. Sadly I have to hide under wigs.
    How long have u been natural?

    1. I've gone natural twice, the first time 12 years ago for 7 years, this time about 4 years ago. No need to be jealous, you'll get there!! :D

      Drop me an email to let me know what issues you've been having: kinky.apothecary@gmail.com, and I can offer some advice.

    2. Ok... I will. Thanks :)

  2. That really is cleverly pretty! Must try!! xxx

  3. wow, I love the fatness of each twist and the style!

  4. lovely full twist