30 days, 30 ways... Day 2

I was all set to try some sort of updo, but took down my twists, looked at that definition, and loved it so much that I couldn't bring myself to do anything to it. Not even twist or pin the front.

I normally just grab sections and twist, but this time decided to brush each section first, hence the smoothness and definition.

Day 3 coming up. Uploading the pictures just takes SO long!


  1. That is some healthy-looking hair!

  2. I'm so digging the red lippie. Look at all that hurrr...

  3. Hello Nibi;
    Your hair is awesome!so pretty.
    Had my big chop like a year now and my hair is growing but how can i get my hair to fall like yours?
    Also i have issues with moisture and shine,how can i get my hair to look shiny like yours?