30 days, 30 ways... Day 4

I'm still going strong on my styling challenge, my main problem being uploading pictures, but I will get them all on.

On day 4, my twistout had shrunken and lost most of its definition, so I decided to pull it into a bun.

I do high buns quite often, but try to vary them with accessories.

This time I tied a long rectangular scarf round my edges, knotted it at the front, twisted the ends together and then rolled them round into a sort of rosette and tucked the end in to secure it, as inspired by Geri, from Geraldine The Great. You need to check out her blog and her AMAZING hair! (And yup, she's Nigerian too)

I probably should have tidied up my edges, but I couldn't be bothered, to be fair.

I'll post Day 5 up later today, and today's as soon as I've had a chance to take pictures.

Have a good week!


  1. so nice i love doing stuff with scarves :)


  2. Random comment but nice t-shirt :) Thx for pointing out Geraldine's blog; her hair is Amazing! You guys are inspiring me to re-dedicate myself to my hair :)