30 days, 30 ways... Day 6

Yesterday I attempted to "Cinnabun", a style I have seen many-a-time, and actually done successfully on other people.

It didn't turn out QUITE right on myself (probably because I couldn't see what I was doing at the back), but I actually still really like it.

To achieve the style, I had rinsed my deep conditioner out of my fat twists the day before, squeezed my leave-in to the twists without undoing them, and then applied my oil to seal. When I took them out yesterday morning, my hair was moisturised and stretched, but not defined enough to wear had I planned to wear a loose twistout.

I'm definitely going to use this method in future as a way to simplify my wash day even further: if I'm in updos for most of the time, I don't require my twistouts to be particularly defined, as long as they are stretched. I therefore skip the stage where I am smoothing my hair, applying my styler and waiting for it to dry, and go straight from the leave-in to the updo.

I just gave myself a pomp in the front and the failed cinnabun in the back:

For what the "Cinnabun" hairstyle should ACTUALLY look like, I actually included a tutorial in the useful videos post. Check it out.

Today's style later. This whole uploading pics thing is just long!


  1. I really like all the textures in this style! The smooth parts and little curls and bigger curls in the cinnabun.

  2. You're resplendent Nibi. I tried this a few days ago. Super cute.

    1. Thanks Geri. Finally getting round to posting the rest now. Sigh. Don't judge me!