30 days, 30 ways...Day 5 (and Deep Conditioning on the go)

This is a bit of a 2-for-1. A little bit of entertainment, a little bit of Kinky Hair 101.

Sunday was (a VERY public...but more on that later) wash day. I've talked about how I like to deep condition for hours at a time, but believe me, this doesn't mean I'm sitting at home or in a hairdressers under a steamer for 8 hours. I apply my deep conditioner, cover with plastic cap (well, these days its cling film or a Shoprite plastic bag, as everyone on Sunday seemed to find amusing), wrap whatever piece of cloth I can find around my head as artistically as possible, and go about my merry way.

I'll have clearer pictures when I do my post talking more about the day, but here's one for now:

Towards the end, I undid the front and tied it a different way to demonstrate versatility. Here's a shot of the back (with clingfilm shining through!):

I find this especially useful if I am working out (in which case I would just tie a simple head scarf), as the body heat from exercising speeds up the conditioning effect, and acts as an on-the-move steamer.

For headwrap and turban ideas, head to Turbanista.

Stiffer materials like Ankara tend to yield much better results, but I was in a pinch, and this black cotton shawl was all I had to hand that day.

If you're just wearing a turban for aesthetic purposes, and don't have plastic protecting your conditioner-laden hair, it is a good idea to tie a small silk or satin scarf underneath, or wear a satin bonnet, so that your hair is protected from the drying effects of the turban/headwrap material.

Day 6 coming up!

Addendum: Spurred on by Curious Kinks' comment below, I realise I should point out that, as with everything, deep conditioning for long periods does not work for everybody. Some people mention getting headaches, especially if deep-conditioning overnight. People can also end up with over-conditioned or "mushy" hair. So again, it is all about figuring out what works for you and what doesn't.


  1. how does the conditioner not drip? mine always drips or my scalp starts to itch if i leave it on my head too long. I also wake up with headaches on days when I sleep with my DC overnight.

    1. Hey Curious Kinks. Yeah as with everything, deep conditioning for long periods does not work for everybody. A lot of people mention what you say about headaches, also you can get over-conditioned/"mushy" hair. Never the case with me though.

      My conditioner doesn't drip because I tend to DC on dry hair before shampooing, and I always use a thick conditioner like Aubreys Honeysuckle Rose, which is not runny at all.