30 days, 30 ways...Day 7

Been trying all day to get these out, but keep getting distracted by really insignificant things, like work.

Style inspired by the first picture on Lola’s feature.

I kept my hump from the day before, did 3 ponytails at the back and rolled and pinned the ends.

Not quite as tidy as I’d have liked, but I’m sure it will come with practise. Next time I’ll also accessorise with a bow or flower or something.


  1. This looks super funky and not a bad effort at all nibi, I have to try it myself even if I fail miserably :-/

  2. As I sit here with charcoal on my teeth I swell with pride at your efforts. Get it girl! *Snaps in Z formation*

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Super glamourous pretty hair! Luvvit!

  4. very beautiful! i saw this style on YT sometime ago,

  5. I've been staring at this for 20 mins now. lol. Chai, my dear, you are blessed. Our kind of hair is just... a blessing!

    1. This is how I feel when ever I look at your hair, lol!!