30 days, 30 ways...Day 9

I had a flight to catch that day, and because natural hair and dry cabin air don't mix, I never travel with my hair loose.

Also I was pretty much going straight from the airport to dinner when I landed, and I wanted my hair to look fresh, but didn't have time for the whole wash day rigmarole the day before. So I just spritzed my hair with a little water, added some leave-in and braided into about 12 braids with my Whipped Batter.

Because, as you have witnessed from my earlier posts, my 12 braids don't look all that attractive when worn on their own, I decided to pull them into a bun and try and do something interesting with a scarf.

This was the result:

All I did was fold the scarf into a long rectangle, knot it at the front and then tuck the ends in. Simple.

That evening I just wore my hair in my regular braid out. I'll post pictures if I ever get sent them. I unfortunately forgot to take any of myself.

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  1. And you made it work! Looking great sweets. I'm gonna try the scarf thing tonight.