30 days, 30 ways...Day 27

This was my actual birthday, and the continuation of the night before.

Athough it was the same night and I hadn't been anywhere, I had a different hair style because of course I inadvertently ended up in the pool. Fully clothed. Without having first soaked my hair in water and conditioner to prevent chlorine damage (yes people, before you jump in a pool, make sure you soak your hair in water, and if possible apply some conditioner. The more clean water that has soaked into your strands, the less damaging chlorinated water will be able to). 

Being the obsessive that I am, when the possible danger to my precious strands dawned on me, I actually got out to wash my hair, and spent the rest of the festivities with this wash and go pulled into a high ponytail. I'm still astounded by the extent of my shrinkage.

I have to say I'm quite impressed that I remembered to take photos of my hair for the blog, considering I didn't even manage to remove that face paint before going to bed.

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