In August I mostly... 30 days, 30 ways recap

In July I set myself a challenge of coming up with a different hair style every day for 30 consecutive days. In August, I did it. Most of the styles may not have required the highest level of skill, and it may have taken me until November to actually post them, but the point is, I did it.

I did this to get myself out of the styling rut. I was getting very bored with my same old twist/braidout worn loose every single day. I wanted to prove to myself that I can do semi-decent styles, and encourage myself to vary my look a little bit more. I wanted to show that it is not that difficult if someone as hair style-challenged as I am can think of and do 30 different styles in as many days, no matter how hit or miss. Finally, I wanted to show that contrary to the general view in Nigeria, natural hair is NOT boring/messy/unprofessional/unstylish/inelegant.

It was a real hassle sometimes, for a few reasons. 

First of all as those of you who know me well know, I generally HATE posting pictures of myself hence my general struggles with this blog (I last changed my Facebook profile picture 4 years ago). 

Secondly, I HATE projects of any sort. Projects, challenges... basically anything that needs seeing through to the end is a struggle. I hate setting a challenge and sticking with it to the end. I'm always extremely enthusiastic in the beginning, and then halfway through I become annoyed, feel trapped and am almost resentful of all the people who didn't promise to take a picture of a different hairstyle every day.

I need to do things like this more often and get over it.

In any case, this challenge has taught me (or rather confirmed to me) that:

1/ Anyone can style- it may not look exactly like what you’re trying to emulate, but you just have to put your own spin on things and rock it with confidence. Most of the styles I came with took 10 minutes or less.

2/ There is no need for lengthy wash processes all the time. You can sometimes skip stages in between.

3/ Protective styling does NOT have to be boring.

4/ Our hair is SO versatile.

5/ If I want to go into this self-photography thing full time, I should learn to pay attention to things like background, and not post pictures of myself framed by grotty hotel shower curtains.

6/ I definitely do NOT want to go into this self-photography thing full time.

PS: Someone buy me some new earrings please. Sheesh!


  1. Well done nib . Very cool styles .Love the scarf play and tilted bun looks in particular.will have a go myself.

    1. Hehe, thanks. Make sure you send pictures when you do!

  2. Well Done Nibi,will bookmark this post for future styles... Oh and welcome back to blogging...

    1. Thanks a lot, ChiChi... although I never really "left" blogging. The frequency of my posts always has and unfortunately at the moment always will directly relate to how much other stuff is going on that requires my focus. Sadly I can't do everything at once. Wish I could!