The Apothecary is about to get a little bit more exciting...

L'Espace, 19a Olosa Street, Victoria Island

Hello all, 

So I think I was suitably cryptic when I mentioned in my last post that I had a number of announcements to make. I think I've kept you waiting long enough now.

So what's been keeping me so busy over the last couple of months, and particularly in the last few weeks, is that The Kinky Apothecary brand is undergoing a bit of a revamp. This includes:

  • A modified look for the logo, which we will be revealing at the weekend
  • New label designs for our products
  • Much more product choice: we have expanded our range considerably
  • A much wider variety of carrier and essential oils
  • New lower prices on all the oils 

And, finally, the most exciting for us (this one is for the Lagos ladies)...

  • We're FINALLY opening our first concession. This Saturday. Whoop whoop!

Yup, you read that right. Yes, we've been talking about opening our shop for ages! Years, even. We've even identified where that shop will be. But this being Nigeria and things unfortunately not always working as they should, we've had delay upon delay. We realised though, that we couldn't keep people waiting for much longer while we sorted out our issues: one of the questions we get asked most frequently is where are shop is located. So after months of trying to get things moving, we've finally signed an agreement with L'Espace, awesome concept space on Olosa Street, VI, by the ladies who brought you LPM.

We launch this Saturday, so from this weekend, you'll be able to head over and pick up your favourite products yourself! (We will still be running a delivery service for anyone who prefers the convenience of ordering from home/their office) 

Details are as follows:

Address: L'Espace, 19a Olosa Street, Off Karimu Kotun, Victoria Island, Lagos
Opening Hours: Monday (CLOSED), Tuesday-Saturday (11am-8pm), Sunday (12-6pm)
L'Espace hotline (for enquiries): 07028028960

Of course I can never let any occasion pass without a celebration of some sort, so join me there this Saturday 19th from 1pm-6pm for the obligatory Kinky Apothecary glass of Champagne!

And just to make it a real celebration, we'll also be throwing in:

  • 10% off sales on the day* 
  • Free samples
  • Free gift for every 10th customer
  • Free product consultations**
  • Be the first to see and try all our new product ranges
  • And last but not least, be the first to see our new logo and packaging
So spread the word, pop round, bring a friend or sister, natural or not.

Again, just a quick word to ALL our wonderful readers, and our customers who keep us so busy. We wouldn't be here without you, and I really am grateful from the bottom of my heart!

Hope to see you all on Saturday.

*This excludes the "Neriah Naturals" product line
**Product consultations must be booked in advance. Please drop me an email at the usual address:, and I will slot you in.

NB: To prepare for Saturday, we will not be taking any more phone or email orders for the rest of the week. However, phone and email orders will resume as usual on Monday 21st.


  1. Very nice. I will be sending you an email next week, since you are not responding to any this week.

  2. Im just finding out about this blog #lastma...been looking for a good edge control product...du sell??

    The Fashion Engineer

  3. Fantastic Nibi. Let's see if I can make it. Will be good to see you again and cop some products and samples

  4. Very nice....i wll give my personal id
    beauty bar

  5. will you be stocking any product lines from the uk? im studying at Buckingham uni but going back to lagos soon i currently use the Mahogany Naturals products but i have to ship it so it would be great to have it close by