Valentine's Kinky Shorts, by Geraldine The Great: Softly Swept

Happy Valentine's everyone!

Do you have plans tonight but still haven't decided what you're going to be doing with your hair? Never fear, Geri's back with this great style idea. So whether you've got a hot date or are just hanging with friends, keep reading...  

Softly Swept

If you're feeling particularly kittenish this Valentine’s Day, and you're looking
for alluring hair that offers coy hints of romance or more, take a look at our February Kinky Short!

What you'll need:

Creamy moisturizer
Bobby Pins
Light Oil

Step 1:  On dry to damp hair; moisturize and seal with an oil.
Braid hair into 8 to 12 sections.  You can opt for more sections for defined curls, or looser sections for a fuller effect.  Set braids on cold rods, and set for at least 4 hours.

Step 2:  Coat fingers with oil, and undo the braids.  Gently tease out hair to cover visible partings and to create volume, but be careful to limit frizz.

Step 3:  Sweep hair over to the left, and secure with a pin.  You might need to secure your hair with multiple pins for this step.

Step 4:  Swoop front portion over to the left, and pin.  Pull tendrils of hair down across the forehead to create a sloped finish.  Fix and adjust hair as you desire.

In four deft steps, you'll be eliciting dreamy second and third glances from passersby to your special someone.

We hope you'll love!

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