Images from the Bootcamp "pilot", August 2012

Hi all! As promised, here are the pictures from the Bootcamp "pilot" last year. We actually took loads, it was quite difficult whittling them down.

Enjoy, and hope to see you at the next one on Sunday.

Whipped Batter samples

Oils... pre-branding

The obligatory cupcakes...
...which everyone quite enjoyed, apparently
First everyone had a chance to mingle and settle in

Some of the faces at the event...

Getting down to business: talking through the order of the day, and finding out what topics in particular everyone wanted covered

Any questions?
Talking everyone's ear off
And out comes the cling film. I have no shame!

Showing both how to wash in sections and how to wash in twists

Out comes the cling film again, as I leave the conditioner to marinade
My next victim (Ozzy from the 4Aces) conjures up some Dutch courage with a glass of pink champagne
Gave her a quick shampoo (after DC'ing first) before talking through and demonstrating options for stretching post wash, giving tips on twisting, and moving on to dry styling options
Erm... no Flo, that's not how you use a banana clip
THAT'S how you use a banana clip!
Had a bit of time at the end, so showed a couple of 5 minute styles that can be done with banana clips and bobby pins
Shame we had no black pins
Ah well. Next time
And a great time was had by all!

Lagos natural hair bootcamp this Sunday - May 12th, 2013

Who remembers last year when I referred to a "very public wash day"? I promised to expand later, and while it might have taken almost a year, I always keep my promises!

That day, we were testing out a new format of workshops. After getting feedback from our customers on our past events and other events they had attended, the general consensus was that they would benefit from smaller, more focused workshops so we decided to test this out with a focus group of around 20 of our oldest and favourite customers.

With the help of some very lovely hair models, I talked attendees through building a regimen from start to finish (that's me washing Ozzy's hair in the picture above), and some quick style ideas. I even demonstrated how I wash my own hair, bending over the salon bowl, hence the deep conditioner in public... an experiment best left unrepeated, I think we all concurred.

It was such a fun afternoon, and everyone agreed it was a success. So we have now decided to hold these events every two months, increasing to every month.  Each workshop will have a maximum of 30 people.

I'm pleased to announce that the first will be this Sunday, May 12th. Details as follows:

Date: Sunday, May 12th

Time: 2 - 6:30pm

Venue: Cheveux Beauty Salon, 2 Raymond Njoku Road, off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi

Theme: Building your regimen and styling tips, with live demos. 
You will also have the opportunity for one-on-one product consultations, and to discuss any hair issues and questions you might have

Price: N1,000 redeemable against product sales. Includes light refreshments

If you would like to attend, please send an email with "Bootcamp" in the subject and including your phone number to

Again, there are only 30 spaces, and they have already begun to fill up through word of mouth, so don't delay in dropping us an email if you would like to attend. It's first come, first served.

Hope to see you ladies then!

(Pictures of the first event up here!)

A little bit of housekeeping on the Kinky blog

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Hi all!

I mentioned there was a lot going on behind the scenes, hence again my lack of blogging. I'm sure I'll be forgiven when we finally manage to get everything sorted here at Kinky Towers. Anyone who's been on our Facebook page or following us on Twitter would have heard rumblings that we're about to open our second concession, this time in Ikeja. Look out for details, the launch is set for June. Also, we've got a couple of events lined up, so watch out for announcements on that too.

Just wanted to quickly point out a number of changes on the blog... apart from the updated look of course. I've hopefully made it a bit easier to navigate now with new tabs for all the "Kinky Hair 101" posts, and our FAQs. I often get asked questions on topics I have already posted about, so I'm hoping this new tab will make it easier to find the answers you're looking for. Also I will be organising blog posts by topic in due course, making it easier to locate old posts you might be looking for.

Finally, I know people have been waiting for some products that have been out of stock for a while. I'm pleased to announce that most of them are on the high seas currently making their way to us, and will be back on our shelves very soon. We also have details on new brands recently stocked or coming in, which I'll post up with the updated price list this week.

Please keep emails etc coming in, I will get back to everyone in due course. And of course orders carry on as usual.

As always, thanks for being such great supporters of The Kinky Apothecary and keeping us busy!

And for anyone who's wondering what's been going on with my hair since you last saw me, update coming up...