Some of our favourite YouTube natural hair gurus

Yay for the weekend! There's nothing we like better than passing a Saturday or Sunday afternoon watching natural hair styling videos on YouTube.

If you're looking for some weekend kinkspiration, look no further than these 10 lovely ladies whose videos always inspire new styles. So sit back, grab a cuppa, & check out some of our favourite natural hair gurus!

1. FusionofCultures

2. BlakIzBeautyful

4. Chescalocs

5. simplycre8eve

6. LoveYourTresses

7. NaturalNeiicey

8. MahoganyCurls

9. Naptural85

10. TheChicNatural

Who are some of your favourite natural hair gurus? Let us know in the comments!


  1. i love Discovering Natural

    1. Great suggestion! We'll definitely check her out! I'm thinking we need to do additions to this post.

  2. Geri from Geraldine the Great. Hands down. She is my main favorite. I'm actually a huge fan of hers. That says a lot being that she has less than 10 videos posted. I am in love with her hair's body, thickness, and texture. Also, I loveeeee how articulate and thorough she is (in her blogs and videos). Personally, we have a lot in common.

    1. We looooooooooove Geri! Hoping we can get her back doing "Kinky Shorts" for us like she used to!