#NNHB2016 speaker - Efik Zara

We're such huge fans of Zara Simon-Ogan (aka @EfikZara)'s youtube that we're so excited she can join us this year! 

Zara is a natural hair vLogger based in the Eastern United States. She started her natural hair journey in 2009 after a botched relaxer and has not looked back since. From following blogs and vLogs to becoming a vLogger herself, Zara's journey has come full circle.  

She shares beautiful images of her hair and journey on Instagram, at the same time inspiring many through YouTube videos featuring all manner of hair and life advice.  

Aside from a passion for hair, Zara's inclination to create has seen her acquire two degrees; one in violin performance and another in classical/art music composition. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in composition at a world class conservatory in Manhattan, NYC.  

"I'm blessed to have hair that grows towards the sky and catches every eye," says Zara and she's ready to inspire others to embrace their own natural hair.

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