#NNHB2016 speaker - Ronke Raji

A couple of years ago we put out a last minute call for a model for a magazine shoot, and were so pleasantly surprised when Ronke Raji appeared! Since then we have loved watched her Instagram blow up. We're so excited she can join us this year at The Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

Ronke is a makeup artist, Content creator & Natural Hair Enthusiast. She's been Natural for about fours years and hasn't regretted it ever since. Being Natural was a choice made by the fact that relaxers were painful. 

She started her YouTube channel last year in order to help girls with their natural hair embrace and love their hair even in its kinky state. She has then released a line of hats specifically suited for Natural hair women. 

She continues to strive to be an influencer in the Natural hair community breaking boundaries and motivating girls through her artistry. She currently works at MAC cosmetics. 

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