5 Factors that have contributed to my hair growth

Hello, my lovelies!

Hair growth continues to be the number one topic of interest, so I figured a recap might be useful. I've narrowed it down to 5 factors that have affected my hair length:

1/ Genes:

Can't do anything about this, unfortunately. People's hair grows at different rates, usually between about 1/4 of an inch to an inch a month. I'm on the faster end of the scale, so I've always had long(ish) hair. BUT I have never had as much hair as I do now, which shows that there are other factors in play which make up the difference between your current hair situation and your potential hair situation. This updated post on Growth & Length Retention should help clarify things.

2/ Diet: 

And I don't mean starving yourself. I mean eating the right things. If you're only putting rubbish into your body, that's really all you can expect to get out. Now I am capable of going on sugar binges, it's not even funny (I mean, refer the picture above)! But for the most part I eat really well (and drink lots of water too!)

3/ How you handle your hair: 

Basically avoiding things that will give your hair the opportunity to break, not messing with it too much, protective styling, keeping your hair moisturised, sleeping on satin, avoiding direct heat, blah blah blah... there are SO many posts on our blog about building a healthy hair regimen, all you need to do is read read read. But the most important thing to remember is focus on your hair health and the length will come 

4/ Products: 

Now I don't mean miracle growth products! Yes there are products that can help your edges or hair vitamins which can help fill in the gaps in your diet, but there are no products, I repeat, NO PRODUCTS, that will miraculously grow you luscious, waist length hair in a month. Sorry, but this just ain't happening! If someone is offering you this, please save your money. 

I'm talking about good products with healthy, natural ingredients that help maintain a clean, healthy scalp (essential for hair growth) and a good moisture/protein balance. 

And finally,

5/ Patience

No, not our former First Lady. Being patient. No amount of wishing and obsessing will make your hair grow any faster. Remember the saying "a watched kettle doesn't boil"? It's the same with your hair. If you're focused on length it will feel like it's taking forever. Take comparison pictures once in a while rather than trying to see a difference day by day (even monthly comparisons are too frequent in my opinion!) I normally don't even notice how much my hair has grown until I see a picture from a year or two before.

Finally please don't forget hair length is NOT the be all and end all! There are several styles you can do with short and mid-length hair and they are ALL fly. So please enjoy your hair at every stage or one day you will look back and regret the fact that you didn't take the opportunity to rock that red tapered cut.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. We really need to be reminded.