Delivery Information

Within Lagos

Orders placed before 5pm, Monday - Friday, are delivered the next working day providing we have all your correct information. 

Orders received any day after 5pm, or at any time over the weekend or on public holidays will count as having been received after 9am the next working day, and will be delivered the day after that.

There is a flat rate delivery charge of N1,000 within Lagos for orders paid for in advance to our bank account. As we have to use our own resources, Pay On Delivery will incur an extra delivery charge depending on your location. Please enquire on placing your order. 

Outside Lagos

We now offer a flat rate delivery cost of N2,000 Nationwide. Payment must be received in advance.


General Questions about the shop and ordering process

Q:Where is your shop?
A: We operate mainly by delivery and also have 2 concessions in Lagos with others coming soon. Find all details here.

Q: Do you deliver out of Lagos?
A: We sure do! We deliver all over Nigeria. Please check out delivery information here.

Q: Do you deliver out of Nigeria?
A: As a rule, no we don't. However we have organised a couple of deliveries to other countries within Africa in the past, so do drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

Q: Can I get a discount/free sample?
A: We generally don't just give away free products and mark down prices with standard orders, however we do offer frequent sales and provide samples with sales at certain times, particularly at events. So keep an eye out!

Q: My order is urgent, could I have it delivered today?
A: Due to the logistics involved in getting orders out, it is normally not possible to send orders out same day. We try our best to get your orders despatched the next working day (which means you normally receive them next day if you're based in Lagos, or 2-3 days later if based out of Lagos)

Q: How do I pay for my order?
A: If you're based in Lagos, cash is collected on receipt of your order. If you're based out of Lagos, you will need to make a payment to one of our accounts, details of which will be provided when you order, before your goods are dispatched.

Q: I forgot to include a product in my order. Can I add it in?
A: If you would like to amend your order, please give us a call on +234 1 765 4546. If your order hasn't left yet, we will have no problems making any changes you want to.

Q: I have received my order but have now changed my mind about a product. Can I exchange it please?
A: For hygiene reasons, we unfortunately cannot offer exchanges for products delivered, apart from on the rare occasion that they are defective or we have made a mistake. We have to ensure that all our products reach our customers in the best condition, and cannot vouch for them once they have been taken out of our possession. We would therefore be unable to re-sell products that have been in another customer's possession.

Q: When will a product I want be back in stock?
A: Unfortunately, due to the way our stock is ordered and delivered, as well as issues with clearing customs, we're not able to predict when products will be back in stock. We are aiming to ensure this happens within 2 weeks, so please keep checking back.

Q: I have tried calling the number on the blog and can't get through. What do I do?
A: Please note our line is only active Mondays to Fridays 9am-5pm.


Hair and product-related questions

Q: I just went natural and now I'm at a loss. How do I begin?
A: By taking a read through this post.

Q: My hair is too unmanageable to go natural/how do you comb your hair?/I would go natural if I had your kind of hair
A: It is my belief that no hair is unmanageable. If you're finding you have problems with manageability, this is most likely because you need to tweak your technique, or because your hair is lacking in moisture. These basic tips are a start, and you can modify them as you get to understand what your hair likes and doesn't like. And this is coming from someone who has broken many a comb!

Q: I want to go natural. Do I need to cut all my hair off?
A: No you don't.

Q: I think I want to go natural, do you have any tips?
A: Yes loads! Here and here.

Q: I have a very dry/itchy scalp/my hair keeps shedding. What do I do?
A: Check out this post.

Q: I moisturise my hair often with shea butter/coconut oil/some sort of oil, and my hair is still dry. What am I doing wrong?
A: Oils and butters are not moisturisers, but instead provide a semi-permeable barrier sealing already present moisture into hair. They should not be used alone on dry hair. Read more here and here.

Q: I've been trying to grow my hair for a while but it just doesn't grow. Why not?
A: Your hair is probably growing, but your techniques are causing breakage so you are not seeing progress. Read more and see what you can do about it here

Q: I'm considering braiding my hair, do you have any tips?
A: You'll find techniques I use when braiding my own hair here, here and here.

Q: I want to dye my hair, do you have any tips?
A: I have talked about dyeing your hair in this post, however the most important points are to ensure you get it done by a professional, make sure you have a strand test done, and don't even think of getting your hair dyed if it is in a bad condition (i.e. breaking or shedding excessively beforehand). Also ensure you do a few deep conditions in the time leading up to getting it dyed, so your moisture levels are up. And of course, follow up with extra care and more frequent deep conditions than usual. Alternatively, consider using vegetable dyes, such as henna.

Q: I've been using products containing mineral oil/sulphates/silicones and they work for me. Should I stop?
A: If it aint broke, don't fix it! Our tips are mainly geared towards people who are having issues with their hair at the moment. If your current products/regimen work for you, by all means, continue to use them.

Q: Can I meet you for a consultation?
A: I'm afraid it is not possible for me to schedule appointments for one-on-one consultations, however please try and make it to one of our events, where I do my best to answer all questions.

Q: Can you recommend some products for me?
A: Without having seen your hair or knowing its properties, it would be impossible for me to give accurate product recommendations. Also bear in mind that hair is very individual, and products are a very personal choice. Even 2 different people with seemingly similar hair properties could have different opinions on a product. The best way to figure out what works for your hair is through trial and error (for example, there is no way to figure out if your hair is protein-sensitive or protein craving, which would be one factor in determining what products to go for, unless you try products containing protein and seeing what the effect is). However, as the main goal, especially initially, is to get as much moisture as possible into your hair, I always maintain that every regimen requires a good moisturising cleanser, a good deep conditioner, a leave-in, and a sealant. Some products can perform multiple functions (e.g the Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner which can be used as a cowash conditioner, a deep conditioner and a leave-in, and also contains mild protein).

For people who prefer individual products, my recommendations from our stock, in each category would be: any of the moisturising Bobeam bars for cleansing, the Bee Mine Bee.U.ti.Ful Deep Conditioner or the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner for deep conditioning, the Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodyfier or the Giovanni Direct Leave-In (contains protein) as the leave-in, and the Kinky Apothecary Whipped Batter or any of the oils to seal. If these don't work for you, go back and try out an alternative. And then of course you can play around with different stylers depending on what you would like to do with your hair (twist, twistout, wash 'n go, etc).

Q: Do you sell any products that can grow my hair long?
A: I don't believe in products that miraculously grow hair. Keeping your hair healthy and minimising breakage will all contribute to you retaining what you grow, as detailed here. The post also explains how general health (good diet, vitamin supplements if you feel you are not getting all your nutrition from your meals, etc) is also a very important factor in healthy hair growth.

Q: What regimen will work best for me?
A: As with products, you will need to try out different regimens to figure out what methods work best for you, but devising and sticking to a regimen is instrumental in learning how to master your natural hair. Check out this post for tips on getting started.

Q: Can you recommend a hairdresser in Lagos?
A: Unfortunately I have no first-hand experience with any hairdressers in Lagos, and so at this time am unable to offer any suggestions.

Q: Do your products work on relaxed hair?
A: My regimen and general philosophy towards hair is that it is less about a certain product working for a certain kind of hair, and more about generally adopting healthy hair practises. People with relaxed hair can also benefit from these practises. Although it is my opinion that relaxed hair, by its very nature is less healthy than natural hair, as you are permanently breaking down its bonds with chemicals, if you do prefer to keep relaxing your hair, adopting a natural hair regimen can go a long way to mitigating the damage you may be causing. My one recommendation for our relaxed customers is to gravitate more towards the products containing protein.

Q: How long have you been natural?
A: Read all details in this post on my natural hair journey.


  1. how do i style my natural hair??

  2. Do you have a post on severe dandruff? I've tried way too many things (including STOPITT dandruff treatment as it has popular reviews) but all they give is maximum of two days' relief before my scalp starts to snow again. It's so embarrassing and I'm trying to figure out what triggers it for me as I didn't have dandruff growing up. I think relaxers trigger it for me and I've determined to stop them for a while. Please do a post on dandruff as it's so depressing that it has turned my once enviable long hair to what it is now.

    1. Hiya, I've posted on moderate scalp issues here: http://thekinkyapothecary.blogspot.com.ng/2012/05/scalp-issues.html, but will do some research into a more severe form of dandruff for you. I will say, however, that issues with dandruff tend to be internal, more often than not, so I would take a look at your eating habits and general health. I would also suggest seeing a dermatologist if you have access to one. Hope this helps, and please check back for a post on dandruff!